Dr. Jill Biden, wife of the Vice-President of the USA, visited Fundacion Pediatrica por un Mañana

Fundacion Pediatrica por un Mañana had the honor of receiving on October 10, 2016 Doctor Jill Biden, wife of Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States.

The second lady of the USA, visited the project of the Foundation, Restaurando un Manana, which is an integral educational center for young mothers and pregnant adolescents where they have the opportunity to learn a skill through technical vocational courses and to finish high school while their kids are taken care of in the nursery or playground.

Doctor Biden was accompanied by a delegation composed by her daughter, Dr. Ashley Biden, her nephew Valerie Owens, USA Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, James Brewster and Bob Satawake; USA Ambassador for Women’s Issues, Cathy Russell; Deputy Assistant to the President of USA, Sheila Nix; Special assessor of affairs in the Occidental Hemisphere of the Vice presidency OF USA, Daniel Erickson; Mission Director of USAID, Arthur Brown, which together with the foundation president Architect Maria Isabel Serulle, performed the route in the facilities of the integral educational center where they observed the youth in activities of classes as well as products and crafts made by them.

Doctor Biden interacted with the girls, talked about her experience as a teacher and exhorted them to continue with their education for a better future.  Some of the girls shared their testimony and experience in the foundation.

The wife of the vice-president of the USA and her delegation were impressed with the work realized for Fundacion Pediatrica por un Manana on behalf of so many young mothers in vulnerable state.