The Fundación Pediátrica por un believes strongly in the need to promote values in our youth. To achieve this end we have designed  an educational program based on the Bible, which is being taught in different schools in Santo Domingo.

Our goal is to inspire students to identify their purpose, meaning and potential, always applying biblical principles, through dynamic, interactive conversations. We use the Bible as a way of providing examples that show hope, change and transformation because we know the moral and legal fabric of our society is based on the Bible. We are, after all, the only country in the world that has the open Bible on our national flag.

This program encourages a healthy dialogue between our young people, parents, teachers and faith leaders to maintain open communication in order to meet the needs of each of these youngsters individually. The aim is to avoid our young people suffering from a feeling of loss in their lives, which can often lead to sex, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, compulsive shopping and bullying.