We believe in a brighter tomorrow | we provide help to achieve this | we know we can start this journey with new strength

Our psychological counseling programs help women find answers and solutions to the demands that are imposed to them by modern family life. Because young mothers find themselves with  multiplicity of anxieties and concerns, they give up hope and lose any chance of improving their future.

The Foundation provides education lectures by professional international therapists and local volunteers, which take place in a variety of institutions such as the Maternidad Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia”, “Centro Investigación Familiar, and a variety of public and private schools and colleges. These lectures are focused on a range of topics such as self-esteem, drug prevention, dysfunctional relationships, childcare, etc.

By offering psychological help to boys and girls, both youth and adults, we want to teach the value of appreciating what we have, accepting the opportunities that life offers us, improving self-esteem, being grateful for the blessings we have, and understanding that what we lack can’t be filled with material things, but with spiritual guidance.

We work with people for them to understand that we are not defined by what we possess, but what we have in our hearts and how much we give to others. Through our program, we want to heal the souls of those who have been hurt or who find themselves in dysfunctional settings that are harmful for their health and self-esteem, such as alcohol or drug dependency, broken marriages, financial poverty and health problems.

We provide help in order to build an atmosphere of warmth and rehabilitation, to enable each person we work with to be a better human being. To date, our lectures have been attended by almost 2,000 parents and 1,500 students. By helping parents and children to avoid those factors that impact on their health, we are able to prevent an increase in the numbers of women’s deaths.

The Foundation wants to collaborate with parents to enable them to give the opportunity to their children to grow in healthy environments, rather than dysfunctional environments that create addictions and low self-esteem. We have also been asked by the Procuraduría General de la Repúbica Dominicana to support the national campaign to combat bullying that started few years ago.

Programs offered:

– Educational lectures          – Support for mothers   – Support for vulnerable individuals

Some of our activities