We believe in the future. We work for life.
We dream of a brighter tomorrow.

The medical help we provide has the objective of reducing the infant mortality rate through the use of proper medical equipment and medicine by utilizing surgery, and prioritizing urgent neonatal emergencies. We have accomplished this by raising funds to acquire medical equipment that is vital for critical prenatal care. Critical maternity care is necessary every day, and most of the time the vital equipment is scarce.

Our goal is to reduce neonatal mortality by 100%. The Maternidad Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia is ranked as the fourth hospital in America for neonatal care. The mothers we support come from many different parts of our country, with the largest group, 20%, coming from Haiti, our neighboring country. The hospital helps 45,000 children annually.

Since the Foundation began, we have assisted approximately 360,000 children and mothers, and have reduced the Dominican Republic’s mortality rate from 60% to 20%.

Some of our activities