Fundación Pediatrica por un Mañana, made it known the campaign “Con tu aporte completas una vida” “With your contribution you can complete a life” with the objective to collect funds to help teen mothers.

One of the causes of the increase of teen pregnancy is the lack of effective campaigns to educate of untimely pregnancy.  So to give continuity in her labor, Maria Isabel Serulle, presents the third edition “With your contribution you can complete a life” which is driven through the center Restoring Tomorrow where young mothers and teen pregnant adolescent come to train themselves.

In this occasion, will be putting 500 moneyboxes in different commercial establishment in Santo Domingo and in Santiago for five months.

Maria Isabel Serulle, the president of the foundation, explained that with this initiative she is trying to collect funds to continue their educational programs which includes cooking, bakery, confectionary, knitting, music and sing, make up and computers, all of them imparted though Infotep.

During the press conference performed in the center Restaurando un Manana, Serulle said that to the date 1,200 mothers between ages 11 to 24 have received technical vocational training thanks to their programs.

Also, the center offers free of charge health days, educational talks, domestic economy, values and self-steam, assistance on birth declarations for mothers and child, which are taken care of while their mothers assist to classes.  Likewise, we offer psychological assistance and spiritual help.

Reataurando un Manana has assumed the compromise to be a part of the process of education and training of pregnant and adolescent mothers for the purpose to guide this population segment about pregnancy risk and untimely motherhood.  This non profit entity has the purpose of restoring lives of young mothers reducing that way the infant mortality, reducing poverty levels and school desertion.

The list of establishments where the moneyboxes are: Creaciones Sorivel, Aro y Pedal, Arbaje Tours, Zona Guigo, Grupo Carol, Next,  Danilo Music, Almacenes la Paloma, Arte San Ramón, Mercería De Dos, Farmax, Propagas, Salón Chiqui Polanco, D’ Arquin, La cuchara de Madera, Golds Gym, Tiendas Prin, Vip Laser Clinic, Pekepolis, Los Muchachos, 3 Espacio Creativos, Sederías California, Siol & Siol, Fotosíntesis, Ferretería La Innovación, Budget, Avis, Payless, Funny Factory, Tienda Garrido y Trafico, La Novia De Villa, Nutrimed, Tienda Mary, Arbaje Soni, Ophelia Original, Supermercado La Placita, Industrias Aguayo, EPS, RH Mejía, Anthuriana, Restaurant Yao, Jardín Constanza, Almacenes Sema,  Fabricio’s Pizza, Compañía Comercial Caribe, CCC, Dume Merceria Y Papeleria, Body Shop, La Dimension , Ferretería Americana, Sanrio, Depilarse, Vitalia Jardinería, Travel Wise, Azulejo Del Mundo.