In God We Trust. We know that He helps us.
We help others throughout this journey.

In the Foundation, we have a team of people who give assistance and spiritual guidance to the mothers at the Maternidad through advice, lectures and prayers that enrich their faith. This program gives them spiritual enlightment the possibility that God’s grace can be revealed and accomplished in their lives.

By spreading God’s word to women who have experienced physical and verbal abuse at the hands of their spouses, fathers or uncles, we provide these women with the opportunity to restart their lives guided by faith, and to reestablish comforting spirituality in their lives.

In addition, by providing a spiritual awakening to those mothers who have suffered the loss of a child, of family members who have lost a mother, we are allowing these moments of pain to be handled with faith and hope. When we see people handling their problems with acceptance and peace, and reaching out to God’s word as a comfort and guide, then we make positive changes in our own lives. For this reason, in addition to providing new mothers with baby baskets and food, we supply them with prayers and bibles.

Our spiritual activities are held every month and are supported by many volunteers to do so. We invite you to be a part of our social and spiritual initiatives in order to continue this beautiful work. Your help is extremely valuable.

 Programs offered:

– Mothers group           – Youth group       – Vulnerable people at the Maternidad