The Foundation For a Brighter Tomorrow was incorporated in March 15, 2015 (N15000002642) as a branch of Fundación Pediátrica Por Un Mañana from Dominican Republic.

Our main goal is to let know the foreign community, such as the absent Dominicans, the existing problem in our country, been that we are the third country with the highest percentage of pregnant teenagers. This branch can be not only a spokesman but also as additional support for funding different activities in the USA; as well as a channel for new equipment or used in good conditions, food, or any other product that can be used for improving the quality of life and education of this young mothers and babies.

This are some of the possible activities for fundraising in the period 2016-2017

  • Dominican Food and Jazz
  • Fundraising Dinners
  • Dominican Art Expositions
  • Dominican Fashion Show
  • Family Sports Activities as Pedaling for Tomorrow

The funds raised in this and other activities realized by FBT will be donated directly to the main Foundation (FPUM) to be used in the mainly in our project of greater social impact in the Dominican Republic called Restaurando Un Mañana. 

As a secondary objective for some funds or equipment obtained can be used to contribute to any other FPUM project in relationship to the necessities of the Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia.

It’s important to emphasize that funds will only be sent to FPUM and not to the beneficiaries and that the Foundation makes the payments directly into the projects so there is no misuse of funds. Everything will be according to regulations and procedures established between both entities,FUNDACIÓN PEDIÁTRICA POR UN MAÑANA and the NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION FOR A BRIGHTER TOMORROW.

Below you will find the background and problems in the Dominican Republic that incentivated the project RESTAURANDO UN MAÑANA.


Fundación Pediátrica Por un Mañana is a nonprofit institution, created November 11, 2004 by the ordinance number 14802004.  The initial objective was to reduce the infant mortality in our country by donating medicines and equipment to the perinatology zone in the Hospital Nuestra Señora de La Altagracia, situated in the metropolitan zone in Santo Domingo.

Since our beginning, thru the foundation we have assisted 360,000 mothers and children’s and reducing the mortality index from 60% to 20%. In the 12 years Fundación Pediátrica Por Un Mañana (FPUM) has worked in the Maternity has identify that is equal to save a life than to protect it thru times. This was the reason we have implemented new projects and activities focused on education, prevention a wellbeing of the youth.

Project Mother/Baby

In 2010 we implemented a project named Mother/Baby, which was free educational talks to pregnant women and new mothers in the Maternity with the sole purpose to raise awareness of the life of the new born children. The educational talks were implemented by professionals  and financed by FPUM. Through this initiative we reached 3,600 women in nine session with the following issues:

  • Prevention of HIV and Sexual Transmitted Diseases
  • Family Planning Method
  • Prevention of Family Violence
  • Combining Breast Feeding and Work
  • Sexual Abuse, How to Prevent it
  • Baby Nutrition for the first 6 Months
  • Human Papilloma Virus
  • How to Prevent Difficulties of Breastfeeding
  • Weaning and Nutrition
  • Feminine Hygiene

The results from this project were very ambitious because of the wide spectrum of services offered to these women that came up every day to the Maternity.

Project Motivation and Increment in Values

As a result from the work of FPUM inside de Hospital Maternidad Nuestra Senora de la Altagracia, since 2010, the index of young women giving birth increased and showing a high social interest in this prevention in all ranges of the social spectrum, we initiated a program called “Valores por un Manana” (Values for Tomorrow) product of the support and professional psychological studies of the South Miami Hospital.

This studies detected that not only inside the Hospital but in Public and Private Schools, Universities through our country a high index of low self-steam reflected in different forms; premature sexual relations, untimely consumption of alcohol leading in many cases to substance abuse, codependence of dysfunctional relationships, bulling, to say the least; this causing our youth to an uncertain future or in other cases fatal because of suicide or femicide.

The event “TODO ES POSIBLE” (EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE) consisted of two rounds: in the morning it was addressed to 9,000 adolescents from private and public schools from different parts of the country (Santiago, Jarabacoa, Bonao, Juan Dolio, San Pedro de Macorís, La Romana, La Altagracia and Santo Domingo); in the afternoon it was addressed to an adult audience including private and public universities with the same capacity. It also reached 300 governmental leaders in the Dominican National Congress and Palace.

As part of the agenda, Nick included a meeting with the actual President Lic. Danilo Medina and Vice-President Margarita Cedeño de Fernández. He also gave a talk at National Congress in which at the end, the foundation was recognized for “extraordinary labor in behalf of the children and adolescents in Dominican Republic”

This event caused a before and after effect in thousands of people leading to several letters of gratitude and recognition from the governmental and private sector to the foundation. We would like to quote some parts of them:

Before the presentation of Nick we could see the terrible situation this country has with adolescent pregnancy and how the foundation is helping by educating people little by little, and also helping directly with actual cases of teen pregnancy. I considered the best motivational talked received by the school and I hope to have more opportunities to attend more events like this one, because this prepare us for the future that awaits”, expressed Kevin Calderon, Senior, CONSA.

“It was the best motivational talked I have ever heard… He talked about his life, how he tried to commit suicide at age 8 and how was his life in his youth. From him I learned that no one can tell me what I can do or can’t do, I am not who they say I am, that we only do things that other people do to belong tell in a group or not to be alone… This talk motivated me to pursue my dreams and to never give up what I really want”, said José Raúl Pichardo, Sophomore, CONSA.

For this reason in November 2013, we sponsored a massive event at Palacio de Los Deportes of Centro Olímpico de Santo Domingo with the known motivational speaker Nick Vujicic to give encouraging and overcoming message to the youth. We understand that with our low school enrollment and the high percentage of people suffering this vulnerability is the only way to go.

Project Restoring for Tomorrow

The objective for this project is to qualify pregnant adolescents and young mothers with the bachelorette and vocational technical courses to give them a better tomorrow. The women age range is from 11 to 24 years. The center has a nursery where we give care to the beneficiary’s children from ages 0 to 4. In this sense we can give back to society women with new goals and incentive that they can provide a more dignified life for their families.

Projects for collecting funds: Events and Campaigns

Pedaling for the Youth (annual event):

It gathers young adults, families and friends to a bicycle ride to sensitize of the medical necessities the maternity Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia has, its high index of infant mortality and the high number of teenage pregnancies. It also raises money for sustaining the Foundation and its projects.

Cooking for the Youth (annual event):

This event gathers in the same scenario all the great chefs from different mayor restaurants in our country plus an invited international chef preparing a delightful menu and transmitting a captivating aroma, flavors wine-pairing, sensations to more than 300 people lovers of fine culinary arts.  It is the biggest and most important gastronomic event of the country.

Bingo (annual event):

It’s a recreational event for raising money consisting in two rounds, one for children and another for adults.  We count on shops, department stores and companies for the prizes given.

Piggy Box Campaign “With your contribution complete a life”:

This campaign runs all year long and it is placed in 500 establishment around Santo Domingo.  This way many people can contribute to the foundation.


Psychological help

Our programs of psychological help come to be an open door to finding better answers, more rational and emotional for the requirements, speed and demands on the modern family affair.  The mothers are overwhelmed with tension, anxieties and worries most of the times struggling under the circumstances and demands, they give up to their multiple responsibilities and sometimes live in hopelessness.

The specialized educational talks given by therapist and international professionals as well as local volunteers are given in the Maternity and other institutions like Restaurando un Mañana Training Center, Universities, public and private schools from our country are focused in youth self-steam, prevention of drugs, codependence of women in dysfunctional relationships and how to put limits with love to the children.

We want to teach through our initiative of psychological guidance to children, youth and adults the appreciation and valorization of what one has, compliance from what life gives us and to take care our self-steam by been grateful and understanding that our emptiness can’t be filled with materials things but spiritual.

We work hand in hand with our guides to encourage comprehension that we are not what we have but what we have in our hearts and the service we do to others.  Heal the hearts that has been broken or that still are in hostile environments for their self-steam, like codependent women (maybe future victims of femicides) addictions, broken marriages, financial or health problems.

We provide help for constructing a caring and rehabilitated network for life, so in that way every individual can be a better human been to all around. This lectures not only help with self-esteem during growth but also in recovering women from codependent relationships where they were abused preventing more femicides in the country.

In FPUM we want to be contributors that children have new opportunities to grow in healthy environments so they don’t get trapped in addictions as a consequence of what they were living. Likewise we have been asked by Procuraduría General de la República Dominicana to assist in child care, in a national campaign to prevent bulling initiated not long ago in the country. We are offering conferences in schools and pre-schools as well as in vulnerability zones.


Due to its extraordinary work, the Foundation has been recognized by many entities, in specific by its transparency, hard work and great impact to the Dominican society. Some of the entities who have given us recognition are:

  • National Congress
  • Cannes Lion
  • Brugal Cree en su Gente- Winner Health Line 2014
  • Grupo Carol Pediatrics
  • Diario Libre
  • Hospital Universitario Maternidad Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia 2015- Recognition for contributing on children’s behalf.
  • Ministerio de Salud Pública


The premature pregnancy topic in the Americas and Caribbean has been of great concern around the world. This reality goes beyond health issues because it generates multiple consequences in general growth. This consequences not only directly affects the women and children, the spouse and family but to the whole community in which belongs and the country.

In the preliminary report of Endesa 2013, the overall fertility rate for Dominican Republic had an increment from 2.4 in 2007 to 2.5 in 2013; reflecting an increment in the urban zone from 2.3 (2007) to 2.4 (2013) and in the rural zone a decrease from 2.8 (2007) to 2.6 (2013). For this reason we have selected to impact the urban zone of Santo Domingo.

In Endesa 2007 were highlighted the risk and peculiarities of teen pregnancy and released a 21% of teen pregnancy in ages 15 to 19. In the Dominican Republic live approximately 2.5 million of adolescents in ages 10 to 19, so they represent one quarter of the Dominican population with no distention of sex.

In the 10 years of labor FPUM has identified that is equally important to save a life than to preserve it. In actual times the pregnant women treated in this hospital are younger than before, their age range is between 12-18 years, so they are not prepared physically or emotionally to have a healthy pregnancy and to economically sustain a family. Many of them are victims of domestic, gender or sexual violence causing that many times have malnutrition, lack of personal hygiene, precarious physical and mental health been this risk factor for premature births, and loss of life of women and child.

The Maternity Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia is one of the hospital where more babies are born in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a rate of 3 to 4 per hour, 75 per day and between 22,000 and 24,000 per year, according to statistical reports. This hospital was constructed by Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in 1950 and receives 13% of all newborns in this country.

The national unemployment affects 25% of the teenagers 15-19 years, and the highest rate are those younger than 19 years (31.2%) and those 20-24 years (26.8%). This situation puts a higher risk to pregnant teenagers and young mothers because they assume other responsibilities and abandon school. Meanwhile the less they are prepared the most difficult to find a work place, nevertheless we know there are programs for vocational technical training were they can habilitate and introduce themselves to the workplace forming micro-enterprise and self-employment.


This project started with the partnership of Alerta Joven-Entrena backed up by USAID and Fundación Pediátrica por un Mañana. The program assists 500 pregnant teenagers and young women between the ages of 11-24, a vulnerable stage. In just one year we have graduated and inserted 950 women in the work environment.

The main goal for this project is to restore and socially reinstate 1,100 young mothers in one year. This population is divided into two age groups: one ranging 11-17, with 700 and two ranging 18-24, with 400.

The project participants receive interventions that respond to their basics necessities, we offer them the possibility to finish their bachelorette and to get qualified with technical vocational courses. They also receive physical and mental care.  We offer workshops for auto employment or the establishment of micro enterprises.

While this women are capacitating themselves, we have a nursery and playground for their children ages from 0-4, where we take care of them.

  1. Main Objective

Diminish the risk factors of life of 500 teenage pregnant or young women by having access to the opportunities of education, health and work insertion to foment their personal and productive growth. Our main goal is that the youth can be better and more productive citizens.

  1. Specific Objectives

Increase the possibilities of formal and auto employment of 500 pregnant teenagers and young mothers’ trough implementation of technical vocational programs and auto employments.

Increase their grade school and finish high school for pregnant and young mothers inserting them in the programs of CENAPEC.

Increase access to health services and prevention to 500 pregnant and young mothers in Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia.


The project focuses on different areas of intervention: education, vocational technical training, auto employment, health and documentation, all of them reached by these successful programs.

➜ Programs of insertion or scholar retention for pregnant and young mothers:

FPUM understands the importance and great value that everyone finalizes their baccalaureate.  Knowing that pregnant young women are very vulnerable to desert school for several reasons, the project has classes through the recognized organization CENAPEC.

We will elaborate incentive programs of successful people inside the community that after finishing school they could increase their economic situation as personal growth for the wellbeing of their families. We will also have educational talks to sensitize and create an experiential to accomplish changes in short and medium range.

The family support and close core of these women are critical for their accompaniment and permanence in the project.  They will be invited to punctual activities so they can be aware of the changes and participate in the whole process. Our employees will do the follow up of the participants while CENAPEC will have the academic part.

Health programs:

Our health program includes attention and prevention services in psychological and physical stages. The participants receive health prevention issues in medical services given by synergies with other foundations including even surgeries.

Our health days have included:

  1. Educational talk on evaluating the specific risks and administering information on reducing the risks of HIV prevention and risks.
  2. Conference on sexual education by age for prevention of HIV and safe sex for those sexually active.
  3. Informative sessions in HIV and friendly referrals to health centers.
  4. Community talks focused on adults to create conscience on the risk of infections of HIV of the youth, promote counseling and family communication.
  5. Educational talks on creating conciseness on prevention strategies of HIV, STDS and promoting health services.
  6. Educational talks on promoting the use of condoms on the program “Steady Couples”. For intern political reasons FPUM don’t promote nor incentivizes sexual relationships without couple’s stability.
  7. Conferences promoting equity and diminish gender violence, norm of conduct, reducing stigma and HIV discrimination.
  8. Dental days with the backing of “Sana una Nación” through Universal Insurance.
  9. Gynecological days with the backing of “Sana una Nación” through Universal Insurance.
  10. Pediatrics and vaccination days with the backing of “Sana una Nación” through Universal Insurance.
  11. Food days with the backing of “Sana una Nación” through Rica Group.
  12. Baby care days with the backing of Kimberly Clark.

➜ Individuals and Families Psychological Therapies:

Understanding that mental health is conditioned for the capacity one person can deal, in one particular time, the situations one has.  The pregnancy is a period of crisis in psychological growth in which intervene physiological and dynamic aspects related to the emotional maturity of the women.

Good mental health is essential during and after pregnancy for both her and the baby.  It is also important that the family core is emotionally prepared for the new born child.  For this reason, as the women enter the program, the psychologist will do a complete evaluation of mental health so through the program can be treated the necessary issues individually, couples or families therapies.

➜ Vocational Technical training Programs and Auto Employment.

This programs are addressed to both group range.  In them can participate youth from 15-17 years and youth from 18-24.  For the first group, it helps them habilitate in a specific technical career to set base to technical growth in the near future.  On the other hand, the second group, complete the skill in which they can incorporate into the work place or create her auto employment.

The economical necessities this young women have in this country and more so those pregnant or just giving birth, limits the possibilities to participate in the educational offers existing.  For this reason we made an alliance with INFOTEP so our users can receive technical training while their children are taking care of.

After a study of the zone, we have selected several courses to be held in our center, they are:

  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Confectionary /Cooking
  • Computing / Secretarial
  • Preparation of Chemicals

➜ Auto Employment Program

This program develops creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of this young women to accomplish their business plans, taken into care the existing demands of the zone.  It develops themes on enterprises, economics, business, financial management, costumer care, preparation of curriculums and business plans.

FPUM coordinates with entities that offer them this type of programs, with quality adapted to their community realities and the country, like Junior Achievement.

 Microcredit program: in the actual times we don’t have a program of this nature, but we are willing to make new alliances like with ADEMI and ADOPEM to refer some of this women of the second group.


This project has been fulfilling its objective to capacitate pregnant teenagers and young women to a baccalaureate degree and technical vocational courses providing them an opportunity for a better tomorrow. Their ages are 11-24.

The center has a nursery where we take care the beneficiaries’ children between ages 0-4. In that order, we are introducing into society women with goals and the incentive to have a more dignified life for their families.

Since the project started in 2014, we have restored more women than projected.  As of April 2016 we have restored 950 women.  The children attended by us from the beneficiaries as of May 2016 are 1,200 been that in one day we could have 300 children in different time slots.

Because of the increasing number of women that need restoring, the foundation has the necessity to obtain new forms of fund raising so we can offer and restore the greater amount of women possible in Dominican Republic.